Prices and contact

The rate is £14 per 1000 words. I can usually return your proofread work to you well within a week. If you need it returning to you urgently, please contact me for prices as a higher rate may apply.

Please aim to give me as much notice as possible so that I can block out the time for you. I frequently get requests to look at work a couple of days before it’s due to be handed in. I know how hectic it can be in the last week or two before a deadline but if you can give me prior warning a week or two in advance then I will have a better chance of being able to fit you in.

If the work is longer than 30,000 words, a 50% deposit is due prior to work beginning; the remaining 50% balance will then be invoiced on completion of the work.

To arrange for proofreading, if you would like to send me a sample to mark up to see the sorts of changes I would suggest, or if you have any queries, please email me at

*Important note
The scope of proofreading is to address issues of language: spelling, punctuation,  grammar, clarity of expression, consistency of formatting and style, and idiomatic English. It does not involve any issues to do with argument, overall structure, referencing, or any other matters of content. Changes will, as far as possible, preserve the work of the original author, made for the purpose of removing mistakes or unclear/non-idiomatic language rather than to enhance the language itself. No responsibility can be taken for the final mark received.